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Agri Feed Pet Supply’s Sustainable Efforts

Agri Feed Pet Supply is committed to sustainability in all facets of operation, including purchasing practices for products.  We are committed to helping make our local community as well as our planet a cleaner and better place.   We have made several changes to our company practices, as well as products that we offer for sale that reduce, reuse, recycle and minimize our carbon footprint.

We have chosen to partner with many companies that are leading the way in the pet supply industry to help change the impact on the planet and we are confident that our customers will care about these changes. Below is a list of products or manufactures that we offer in our store to encourage and grow our sustainability, several of which are part of the Pet Sustainability Coalition.

Not all of our products or suppliers fit to these standards but we do make an effort to try to purchase products that:

  1. Conserve resources
  2. Reduce energy and emissions
  3. Conserve virgin materials
  4. Reduce toxicity
  5. Are recyclable and/or made using recycled content
  6. Are certified organic or sustainably harvested from nature
  7. Are made from reclaimed materials, or by-products of other processes
  8. Reduce and eliminate waste
  9. Are biodegradable
  10. Are certified as sustainable by environmental organizations

Want to know more ways that you can get involved?

Did you know, when you are all out of food or treats, you can bring back your Earthborn, Earthborn Venture, Open Farm, and Earth Animal bags/packages and we will recycle them for you?