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Zeus Mojo Naturals Big Belly Pals - Elephant & Giraffe Assorted

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Great things come in small packages and the MOJO collection of toys from Zeus is no exception. Designed specifically with small dogs and puppies in mind, the toys are the ideal size and weight for the little guys to play with and carry around. Perfect for interactive play or simply for cuddling, MOJO toys come in a variety of materials, bright colors and neutral palettes.

Combining plush with materials such as rope or tennis balls, with crinkle material or squeakers, the Zeus MOJO NATURALS collection includes toys that feature multiple textures for interest, rope legs and arms for tugging and playing, tennis balls for interaction.

Zeus Mojo Naturals Thin Noodle Tails, Elephant & Giraffe, Assorted, 19 cm (7.5 in)

Key Features :

  • Elephant and Giraffe (available as assortment only)
  • Made from soft plush 
  • Black nylon hanging loop
  • With crinkle element
  • Includes squeaker